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Online Visualisation of Argument last updated September 15, 2021 by Brian Pl├╝ss

Online Visualisation of Argument

The Online Visualisation of Argument (OVA) work centres on a number of tools designed to facilitate argument analysis and manipulation in online environments, with a focus on diagrammatic visualisations. There are several parts:

OVA itself provides a drag-and-drop interface for analysing textual arguments. It is reminiscent of a simplified Araucaria, except that it is designed to work with web pages, and runs from an online Flash widget rather than as a standalone program. It also natively handles AIF structures. An alpha version of OVA is now available. A user guide is also available.

    • OVAview

OVAview is a CSS/Flash-based renderer that can be used to transform arbitrary AIF structures into both graphical and text-based summaries. A sample rendering can be viewed here, whilst the stylesheet and Flash widget are available to download for use on your own site. A user guide is also available.

OVAgen is a handy online gizmo for drawing abstract argumentation frameworks (which are simply digraphs) and saving the result in either AIF or DOT language (for easy inclusion in LaTeX source or use in GraphViz). OVAgen includes a facility for submitting an abstract framework to web services encapsulating South‘s Dungine for computing some types of semantics, and Devereux’s javaDungAF for computing others. The results are then visualised and exportable to AIF and DOT.