The British Empire

It's hard to look at pictures of 85 year old Kamba tribesman Paul Nzilli and not feel moved. This frail, slight man leaning on his walking stick outside the High Court in London is one of three Kenyan survivors of Britain's suppression of the Mau Mau uprising fighting for compensation from the UK government.

Should we really hold the present government accountable for the history and morality of the British Empire?

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Last broadcast Sat, 21 Jul 2012, 22:15 on BBC Radio 4

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Melanie Philips

Orwell Prize winning British journalist and author. Melanie is a regular panelist on The Moral Maze.

Clifford Longley

Author, broadcaster and journalist specialising in British and international religious affairs. Clifford is a regular panelist on The Moral Maze.

Anne McElvoy

British journalist for The Economist and Evening Standard. Anne is a regular panelist on The Moral Maze.

Matthew Taylor

Chief Executive of the RSA. Matthew is a regular panelist on The Moral Maze.

Esther Stanford-Xosei

Community advocate and broadcaster

Lawrence James


Lee Jasper

Campaigner for social justice, former Senior Policy Director for Equalities and Policing for London

Dr Nick Lloyd

Senior Lecturer, Defence Studies Department, King's College at the Joint Services Command Staff College, Defence Academy of the UK

Current Point:

Britain did not do anything wrong


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