Trident and Britain's Nuclear Future

The question of the future of Trident, Britain's nuclear weapons system, is back on the agenda. During the debate on the pros and cons, we've heard about the financial, diplomatic, military and political arguments. By contrast we have heard little about the moral arguments for retention or rejection.

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Last broadcast Wed, 1 Jul 2009, 20:00 on BBC Radio 4

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Rebecca Johnson

Executive Director & Co-founder of the Acronym Institute and editor of Disarmament Diplomacy.

Melanie Philips

Orwell Prize winning British journalist and author. Melanie is a regular panelist on The Moral Maze.

Claire Fox

Director of the British think tank, the Institute of a Ideas. Claire is a regular panelist on The Moral Maze.

Clifford Longley

Author, broadcaster and journalist specialising in British and international religious affairs. Clifford is a regular panelist on The Moral Maze.

Current Point:

Britain should disarm


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